What is Nyamabox?

Nyamabox is a subscription based meat marketing start up based in Bulawayo that allows customers to order meat from the comfort of their homes. The meat is then collected from town on either Monday,Wednesday and Friday.Our standard meat pack comes packaged in convenient 5Kg packs of Choice/Commercial grade mixed cuts.However one is free to order other types of meat etc.On top of it all,for every 5kg meat  pack that is  sold,we commit to give 500 g to institutions in need of protein nutrition such as hospitals and orphanages..What are you waiting for?Order Now!

Our standard 5kg meat pack costs $20

**Just type the quantity of the Meat that you require,make payments and we deliver!


*Please note that we are in the process of adding MasterCard and Visa.

How else can you order?

1)Make a Zipit/Rtgs bank transfer to our account:Kinetikos PBS


Steward Bank,Fife Street,Bulawayo.

then app or text us your details to 0773 962 299

2)Make a direct Eco-Cash transfer to our Merchant Account –67778.


Nyamabox is a vibrant Bulawayo start up that is disrupting how meat is marketed.The company uses a subscription based business model that helps to better serve the needs of our customers.

We have the following advantages to our customers as a company:

  • Convenience-When you subscribe to our meat pack at the click of a button you have the product delivered to your doorstep
  • Quality-We make sure that the product we deliver is of the highest possible quality.The team has food safety experts who understand quality
  • Competitive pricing-Our prices are competitive

The company is also looking to impact society in these following ways if supported:

  • For every meat pack that is subscribed to we donate 500g (a tenth ) to charity
  • We support local farmers when we get them to supply us with the animals we convert to meat.
  • We will provide some employment upstream and downstream


Hello world!

Hello World!Nyamabox is a Bulawayo based subscription meat supply service that let’s customers order meat from the comfort of their homes.Our meat comes in convenient 5kg “mixed cut” packs.Our commitment to you is quality.In addition,for every 5kg pack that is bought from us,500g goes to institutions most in need of protein nutrition such as hospitals …

Who we are

Nyamabox is a product offering that is offered by a registered company called Kinetikos PBC (Zimra reg: BPNumber 0200185632).The company is run by 4 proactive young Bulawayo citizens:

Jeffy Chivheya-Founder

Xolani Ndlovu-Founder

Dr Mbedzi-Director

Blessing Gura-Director